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Light Music Orchestra- instantly you will imagine a stage, dominated only by male instrumentalists with few female singers Check out our portfolio and services included.

Index is incredibly especially extremely Unique Music Orchestra.

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Light Music Orchestra

Film music performed with live music orchestra and singers mode & Femal sining along in many languages.According to venue and budget requirment artists are contracted and executed with precision sound.

Light Music Instrumental

Film Music and free style music being played by established Film Recording artists who perform to a Live Orchestra as a Soloist with precision sound.

Karaoke Vocals & Instrumental

Performing Film Music either by Vocalist or Instrumentalist performing along with Pre-recorded background score with precision sound.

Gospel music vocals / instrumental

True to the name Wedding Music performed specially for Christian Weddings.

Western Instrumental and Vocals

Western Live Performances with accomplished Singers singing and playing Instruments with harmony flow.

Sufi music vocals & Instrumental

Exhilarating Singers & Instrumentalist performing sufi music treating many a time god as a beloved.

Ghazals & Geet

Renowned Ghazals & Geet performed mellifluously with matching accompaniments to give life to the words and moods.

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MUSIC Should be a Source of Relaxation and Never a disturbance, and that’s what we believe in INDEX LIVE BAND, helping your ears to enjoy music at the Right Decibels.
Our choice of performers, be it singers, instrumentalists, are a class apart every time for every show big or small.
We always provide the best audio to present a musical show straight to your heart with minimum volume but with great clarity and without noise pollution.

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